Reach Beyond CHC provides unmatched helicopter services that enable our customers to reach beyond.

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CHC Group Appoints New General Counsel
Feb 8, 2018 CHC Group today announced that Imran Hayat, currently serving as acting general counsel, has been confirmed by its Board of Managers to assume the role permanently moving forward. Read More
CHC Brazil Reaches New Contract with Statoil
Jan 29, 2018 CHC group announced a new contract supporting Statoil, one of Brazil’s largest oil producers. The two-year agreement will support flying to Operational Area – BM-S-8 – in Santos Basis. Read More
CHC Group Names Interim General Counsel
Jan 26, 2018 Imran Hayat, currently chief compliance officer and litigation counsel, will assume the role of interim General Counsel, reporting to Karl Fessenden, CHC’s President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO). Read More
CHC Completes First Flight for Ørsted’s Hornsea Project One
Jan 24, 2018 CHC’s first flight for the initial phase of Ørsted’s Hornsea Project One offshore wind farm left Humberside Airport at 11.15 am local time this morning. Read More
Getting It Done ASAP – How CHC’s LAM Works Together to Improve
Jan 23, 2018 As CHC continues to face a challenging marketplace, our employees have worked hard to find innovative ways to look at all aspects of our business and not only reduce costs, but become a more efficient company to better serve our customers and take care of Read More
CHC Breaks Ground on $6 Million Redevelopment of Aberdeen Facilities
Jan 18, 2018 CHC reaffirmed its long-term commitment to the North Sea energy sector as it held a ground-breaking ceremony for the major redevelopment of our Aberdeen base earlier today. Read More

It demands our best - every moment, every day - even as we regularly raise the standards for what we do.

CHC provides unmatched helicopter services that enable our customers to reach beyond – to work in remote and challenging destinations that limit others – and come home safely. We are dedicated to our purpose of getting our customers where they need to be, when they need to be there, anywhere in the world – safely and reliably.