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CHC Helicopter is delighted to announce that, after a two year hiatus brought about by the global pandemic, we will resume our annual Safety & Quality Summit.

The pandemic has (almost inevitably) fed into the theme to be used for the forthcoming event which will explore topics relevant to the theme “Behind the Mask: What is the True Safety Picture?”. As well as sharing some of the Lessons Learned from the pandemic and how we coped (or otherwise) with such a challenge, we will also explore safety cultures and how to accurately assess them.

Understanding what actually goes on in day-to-day operations should be straightforward but how do we bridge any inevitable ‘gaps’ that exist between those charged with conducting ‘the mission’ and those accountable for oversight? Some questions that may stimulate discussion:

  • Does what happens on a night-shift or weekend look the same as during the day-shift?
  • Are senior leaders unintentionally sending mixed messages?
  • How do we monitor whether practice matches process?
  • Are there new threats (technical, enterprise, socio-economic) that we have yet to identify?
  • Is the next generation taking a different approach to safety?


Delegates attending 2016 S&Q Summit Shawn Gallowa (ProAct Safety) and Dr. Bill Johnson (FAA) at 2016 Summit plenary session
Each year, hundreds of delegates gather from around the world and across mulitiple industries to collaborate and share best practices.
This year's Safety and Quality Summit will take place in Irving, Texas near CHC's global headquarters.
CHC invites many of the top people in their respective fields. In 2018, Shawn Galloway (ProAct Safety) and Dr. Bill Johnson (FAA) participated in an opening discussion.


 A look at a previous Summit

CHC's Safety & Quality Summit provides an excellent opportunity for industry professionals from around the world to gather and collaborate while discussing key issues and promoting excellence of safety in human factors.

Watch Karl Fessenden's opening address to our visiting delegates, speakers and sponsors at last year's event:

Watch below for a recap of the 2016 CHC Safety & Quality Summit (the last Summit held at its long-time location, the Westin Bayshore Hotel in Vancouver, BC).


At the 2016 Summit, President and CEO Karl Fessenden delivered his opening keynote address during the plenary session in which he discussed the importance of maintaining and promoting a robust safety environment in the midst of an economic downturn.