Excellence in Helicopter Maintenance Services


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Excellence in Helicopter Maintenance Services 

Heli-One, our maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) segment, is a global leader in providing these services in support of a range of helicopters. Decades of expertise and excellent, long-standing relationships with leading global helicopter manufacturers make Heli-One the premier rotor wing MRO solution. 

Heli-One comprises an exceptionally talented, experienced and effective network of maintenance and engineering professionals. Their global support network includes base maintenance, line maintenance, component and engine repair and overhaul, and engineering and design. The Heli-One team is dedicated to keeping helicopters—CHC's and those of other operators—flying safely, efficiently and on schedule, all around the world. 

Their experience in helicopter overhaul, along with relationships cultivated with OEMs and parts manufacturers and other industry professionals, ensures that the Heli-One team is able to provide excellent service from nose-to-tail and can be the single source for all helicopter maintenance needs at superior value. 

See more at www.Heli-One.com.