Heli-One Upgrade of CHC Super Puma Helicopters for All-Weather Search and Rescue


May 1, 2024

William Barker


The upgrade of CHC Super Puma AS332 helicopters for All-Weather Search and Rescue Helicopter (AWSARH) posed a challenge: to fulfil the Ministry of Justice’s contract requirements for AWSARH operations from Norway’s westernmost town, Florø, by introducing necessary cabin modifications, with minimal structural changes to the cabin, to achieve a cost-efficient solution.

The mechanical modifications involved the introduction of three different aircraft configurations to cater to various mission needs. These configurations included a SAR setup, a seating arrangement for six passengers, and a configuration for transporting four stretchers in case of emergencies.

One key customer requirement was the need for an ergonomic solution for the installation of medical equipment in the cabin. Heli-One developed a medical equipment rack that not only met the ergonomic needs but also allowed for flexible equipment placement, efficient use of space, and quick removal for swift configuration changes.

System demonstrates following benefits:
• Tool-free installation/removal with durable quick-release fitting
• Can be installed within 10 minutes
• Wall structure has minimal cabin footprint
• Developed in close collaboration with crew
• Comprised of airframe provisions and rack
• Proven and in use with EMS and SAR operators

The positive feedback received from CHC crews led to the implementation of the same medical rack modification for other helicopter platforms such as the EC225, S-92 and AW169.

Additionally, major avionic upgrades were introduced to enhance the helicopters’ capabilities for more efficient missions. These upgrades included the EuroNav7 Mission Management System, Dual Cobham TETRA Radio system for digital communication with emergency organizations, a Universal UNS-1FW Flight Management System, and an Enhanced Ground Proximity Warning System (EGPWS) displayed on the cockpit MFD.

As an example of an avionic system installation, it is worth highlighting our integration of Hensoldt Euronav 7 digital moving map system. The Euronav 7 is widely used by our customers to provide flight position, systems integration and increased crew situational awareness. The system is able to provide many additional features that can aid the pilots and crew in their mission that they perform.Heli-One’s significant experience enables us to customize the Euronav 7 configuration to suit the customers requirement or specific mission features that the system can offer. We frequently tailor the system to the type of mission such as police, SAR or even shuttle.
Heli-One has gained even more experience with the integration of the Euronav 7 system, as after successful integration into the AS332 platform system became a popular product among many of our customers. Heli-One has completed further integrations for AS365 and EC225 platforms, and now a S-92 program is ongoing.

The successful completion of these complex modifications for two CHC AS332L1 helicopters has resulted in enhanced performance and safety during search and rescue missions, showcasing the dedication and expertise of the Heli-One teams globally.