Inspiring the Next Generation of Aviators


October 4, 2023

Janko Dragovic, Commercial Operations Manager


On Tuesday, 19 September 2023, an unforgettable event unfolded in Perth, Western Australia, as Saanvi and Tane, two standout students from Greenwood College's Specialist Aviation Program, embarked on an eye-opening journey into the world of aviation. Accompanied by their dedicated aviation teacher, Ian Dimond, they were given an exclusive opportunity to explore the inner workings of CHC Helicopters, a leading player in the rotary wing industry.

Their day began with a warm welcome from the CHC office staff, who graciously shared insights into their roles within the company. Understanding the diverse roles within the aviation business is vital for aspiring aviators, and this introduction was invaluable for Saanvi and Tane.

The adventure continued as they visited the Perth Jandakot base, which is home to the iconic RAC Helicopter rescue service. Here, they were given a backstage pass to see the rescue team and learned about the critical role helicopters play in saving lives in WA and have done so with DFES and CHC’s help for the last 20 years.

Following Jandakot they visited the RAAF Pearce Base, where they embarked on a thrilling journey on one of CHC's Leonardo AW139 search & rescue helicopters. Upon landing at their school's oval like superstars, to the delight of all at the ground, they were greeted by their fellow students. This gathering provided a unique opportunity for their peers to get up close to the aircraft and engage with CHC's pilots and aircrew, asking questions and igniting their own aviation aspirations.

The mastermind behind this unforgettable day was CHC's Sales Manager, Luke Vanson, who orchestrated the entire event with precision and enthusiasm. Greenwood College expressed their deepest gratitude to everyone involved, recognising that events like these are complicated to orchestrate and instrumental in sparking the interest of the next generation of aviators.

This experience not only fuelled Saanvi and Tane's passion for aviation but also shed light on the exciting pathways that await them in the aviation industry. It's a reminder that education extends beyond the classroom, offering students a glimpse of the real-world applications of their studies and the thrilling possibilities that await them in the skies.

CHC Helicopters are proud to have been able to facilitate this experience. Our Sales Manager – APAC, Luke Vanson, did an amazing job and has once again shown his unwavering dedication to our industry as well as the community at large.

The future of aviation is looking brighter than ever, with aspiring aviators like Saanvi and Tane leading the way!

Image courtesy of Janko Dragovic, Commercial Operations Manager.