The Life-saving Impact of our SAR Missions


May 20, 2024

Madeleine McCubbine


In February, our Norwegian emergency response team played a critical role in saving the life of a climber from Scotland, Chris, who had an accident at Rjukanfossen waterfall. Chris recently got in touch with the team to thank them for their life-saving, rapid response.

His message read: “After I was airlifted from the scene, I received CPR with the Lucas machine for the duration of the 90-minute flight to Bergen and for a total of 2.5 hours. I had two cardiac arrests over the course of the accident. You played a part in my rescue, which saved my life. So thank you, what you did was amazing. Tusen takk!”

Tore Villard, Managing Director, Norway, said ''Chris’ message is a powerful reminder of why our work is so important and the strength of collaboration across our organisation. Everyone involved in his rescue mission, from the pilots and medics to our technical support on the ground and logistics teams, had a role to play in saving his life."

Across the world, our culture of collaboration, excellence and accountability contributes to emergency response mission outcomes like this story every day.